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One thought on “Community Psychology NING

  1. Hi PAA,

    Congratulations on your Walk the Talk. Sorry not to have been able to walk alongside you some of the way.

    Some of us activists in Tower Hamlets are organising a day event for activists and campaigners in East London – “East London in Crisis – resisting austerity, building community” – on 26th Saturday.

    I am organising a workshops for mental health and claimant campaigners, and it would really good if any of your members based in, or connected to East London wanted to come and join us. At the moment, I have invited F.E.E.L., Boycott Workfare, Hackney and Newnham claimants’ unions, Waltham Forest DPAC, local Hearing Voices groups.

    Here’s the flyer for the event –

    Let me know if anyone from PAA would like to come. It would be good to have you there.

    Paul Atkinson
    Free Psychotherapy Network


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