Upcoming Elections in May 2016

London Mayor and Greater London Assembly (GLA) Elections in London

If you live in London, please contact your candidates and/or attend hustings in the upcoming elections in London to pose questions about the impact of austerity on the mental health & well-being of the nation.

Or of course to just generally to find out about their ideas around improving the mental health & well-being of London’s communities.

What the Mayor and the Greater London Assembly do is explained here and their areas of power and influence, which include London’s housing, health inequalities & health strategy, the environment and crime strategy.

You can find out your candidate’s details here from the 1st April 2016.

Some example questions for candidates (we recognise these are mental health focused questions and we welcome ideas from Forensic/Educational/Academic Practitioners or others that we can add to this list, please contact us and we will add them.

  • The Mental Health Taskforce report highlighted that children living in poor housing have increased chances of experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. How will you use your remit as Mayor/GLA member to ensure stable housing for the city’s children and families?
  • The recent Mental Health Taskforce report highlighted rising pressures on important components of mental health such as social care and residential housing. What are the Mayor’s/candidates plans to improve the social determinants of mental health through their housing strategy?
  • The Major and GLA have a responsibility for health inequalities. The recent Mental Health Taskforce report highlighted that mental health problems disproportionately affect people living in poverty. How will the Mayor/GLA candidate use their remit over the economic development and regeneration of London to tackle this?

Please do feel free to send the candidates the briefing papers if you email them or use sections from it to demonstrate the evidence-base.


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