FRIDAY or ANYTIME during the week!

Organise and act for change!


Join our DWP action, networking and social event. Friday 18th March, 6.30pm, Prince of Wales Feathers Pub, near Warren Street. Details here.

  • Join a demo or other direct action. As well as agitating for change, demonstrations are also an opportunity to build networks of solidarity and support: talk to those you meet at a demo about the PAA campaign
  • Make a date to join the People’s Assembly Against Austerity march on April 16th. Organise a banner making event to finish off the week!
  • Share PAA documents, information and website with everyone you know by Twitter, Facebook and email and through any other networks!
  • Become an organiser with PAA or another local campaign for social justice that you care about! If you are already part of a campaign and would like to have more links or partnership with PAA please get in touch! psychologistsagainstausterty AT gmail DOT com
  • Join our mailing list, or sign up to take a more active role in PAA.
  • Organise a direct action. There are a lot of networks and resources to help.