About us


This group was formed in 2014 after discussions within various UK Community Psychology forums, which are still ongoing on this interactive community website. We are a mixed group of different applied psychologists, including Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, Academic and Research Psychologists, Educational Psychologists and Forensic Psychologists, as well as trainees, other health care professionals and community members.  We speak as a collective of individuals and not on behalf of our workplaces or institutions.

We are non party political but believe psychologists must use their power, tools and resources to be actively involved in political and societal issues.

We started meeting in London, but as we have grown, there are now groups situated around the country. We are also looking for Regional Leaders in those areas which don’t yet have an established group.

Please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page or via email.

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We take inspiration from the many community members, health professionals and practitioners who use their experiences and understandings to work towards a more equitable and healthy society.

For example: Michael Marmot and The Institute of Health Equity, Disabled People Against Cuts and Mary Bassett

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. This sounds interesting but as someone who has some difficulties with sight your web pages are almost impossible to read.


  2. I notice there is no ‘contact us’ info. on the website.

    There do not seem to be enough groups – e.g the East Midlands is a large area and many places are some distance from Birmingham – and, presumably even more out of reach to those suffering the impacts of austerity


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