Take Action

Take Action Against Austerity

The psychological impacts of austerity have not been heard. We need collective action from all who have engage with psychological services, in any capacity. This is an inclusive strategy; our aim is to encourage people to take action. We have suggestions below, but you may want to contact us with your actions against austerity. 

What can I do? 

  • Contact your MP or other local representative.
  • Join us for relevant marches and protests – we have balloons and t-shirts and bring a banner with your own message!
  • Share your stories of everyday austerity on this website.
  • Read and share our briefing paper.
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper.
  • Talk to other people at work, in life, and on social media.
  • Find your nearest PAA group, and come to a meeting.
  • If there isn’t a group near you, you can start one.
  • Contact us with your ideas and progress.

One thought on “Take Action

  1. Also – we could

    1. email the BBC news – bbcnews@bbc.co.uk – I email regularly – they are also inviting comments (texts.emails twitter,phone etc) on all their Election programs and Victoria (somebody) is doing daily slots on the BBC news channel and ass for comments – comments can also influence future programs even if they are not read on the program

    2. email the Daily and Sunday Politics shows on the bbc – again its an easy address – Sundaypolitics@bbc.co.uk

    3. email the sunday morning Andrew Marr political show – andrewmarrshow@bbc.co.uk

    4. I imagine the other channels’ news programs also welcome comment and ideas

    5. I keep asking them to publish data on incomes in income brackets as histograms with graph over the top – this idea that an average is meaningful now when the top 1% own over 40% of the wealth needs challenging – it will be very revealing as the top 10 to 20% have increased their incomes every year of the recession

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