Contact your MP

If you are a psychologist, it is really important that we are not just talking amongst ourselves. For this campaign to have an impact we must be raising these issues with our local and national policy-makers. So share your professional concerns with your local and national representatives either by email, telephone or ideally face to face.

Of course, we welcome all citizens to use the briefing paper and evidence presented on this website to raise the issues with their political representatives.

In May 2016, there are elections for English Local Government, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, regional Mayors, and the London Assembly. Look up your representatives and candidates and raise with them the importance of the impact of austerity on you, your service, and your local area.

Who are my political representatives? 

Find your local representatives here. You can find out who your MP, MEP, MSP/MWA, and local councillors are. If you want to find more out about your MP, it will also tell you about their voting record so you can tailor your message to fit their interests.

Who should I contact?

This will depend on what issues you want to raise. Your MP has responsibility to represent your constituency at a national level. Contact your MP to assist in giving this issue national prominence. Your local councillors have budget control over many local services, including education and social care. If you are in Scotland or Wales, your devolved goverment has control over the NHS as well.

Contacting your elected representative

The most effective way to communicate with your elected representative is in person. MPs hold surgeries where you can request an appointment with them and raise issues face to face.

If you contact your elected representative in writing, a personalised letter is most effective. Be polite, calm, and to the point. Use examples from your own experience as well as the general information provided below, particularly if these examples are from your local area and directly affect your MP’s constituents.

Here is a potential guide for some content for a letter, including some key perspectives and facts about the impact of austerity. These are provided to help in composing your letter, rather than as a strict template.

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