Join our online community

The first place to look to get involved with PAA is your local group – if there isn’t one, get in touch and we can see if there are other people in your area who might be interested in starting one!

Now we have developed into a national organisation, we have an online community, Freedcamp, which we use to communicate, organise and plan future actions. This system enables us to share tasks, have discussions and share files. Within this, we have working groups who focus on particular aspects of our work – you can join as many or as few as you like.

How do I pick a working group? 

It’s up to you! Don’t feel like you have to be an expert in the area – we work in groups so that we can share and build expertise together. Think about what you’re interested in or would like to learn more about.

How much time do I have to commit? 

We are all working on a voluntary basis, and most people also have full time jobs while taking part in PAA. So please don’t feel like you have to commit a huge amount of time. If you are unsure, maybe sign up with one group to start with.

How do I sign up?!

You can fill out your choices by following this link: After this, you will be invited to join in with other people in PAA working on the same area. These are the current PAA working groups:

1. Communications and campaigning

  • Social media & website, Press (incl. media spokespeople), Political lobbying, Partnerships and external presentations, Campaigning & events

2. Network & mobilising psychologists

  • Eg: Contacting training courses and interest groups; welcoming new members and linking with preferred activities; managing and redirecting requests, events and contacts to relevant working group).

3. Research & growing the evidence base

  • Helping to develop and co-ordinate our evidence base, including developing new briefing papers, and collating austerity stories.

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