FRIDAY or ANYTIME during the week!

Organise and act for change!


  • Join a demo or other direct action. As well as agitating for change, demonstrations are also an opportunity to build networks of solidarity and support: talk to those you meet at a demo about the PAA campaign*
  • Attend your local hustings and ask a question. Look here for local hustings listings:
  • Share PAA petition, briefing paper and website with everyone you know by Twitter, Facebook and email and through any networks you are part of!
  • Become an organiser with PAA or another local campaign for social justice that you care about! If you are already part of a campaign and would like to have more links or partnership with PAA please get in touch! psychologistsagainstausterty AT gmail DOT com
  • Organise a direct action. There are a lot of networks and resources to help.

* *If not possible do join a demo this week, sign up and commit to join a demonstration before the election!



@CommPsychUK #PAA #weekofaction #GE2015

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