Counting the costs of austerity

Download our briefing paper: The Psychological Impact of Austerity.

Our environments, economic, physical, and social, are central to our psychology, mental health and well-being. Austerity policies are damaging on multiple levels, to individuals, to communities and to society. Cuts have created conditions which increase both mental health problems and crime, setting up a potential catastrophe for future generations. Services have been reduced to crisis management, meaning people are being helped only once problems have become very severe, this ends up costing more in terms of suffering and money.

We have identified five ‘Austerity Ailments’, experiences increased by cuts which lead to mental distress:

Increasing Fear and Mistrust

Increasing Humiliation and Shame

Increasing Instability and Insecurity

Increasing Isolation and Loneliness

Increasing Experiences of Feeling Trapped and Powerless.

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