Regional PAA groups

There are a number of PAA groups around the country, all working against austerity in our local areas. If you don’t see a group local to you, then we would encourage you to start one yourself! Here are some details about starting your own PAA group.

Contact details for the current regional groups are below. Click on the links to see further information about events, meetings and current actions!

PAA ScotlandTwitter & Email

PAA Wales: Email

PAA LondonEmail

PAA North EastTwitter

PAA Yorkshire & HumberTwitter & Email

PAA North West:  Twitter & email:

8 thoughts on “Regional PAA groups

    • Hi, we are finally getting a group together in the Midlands. The first meeting will be in Birmingham City Centre (Cherry Reds Cafe Bar) on Friday 13th May at 5pm. Check out our Facebook page (Psychologists Against Austerity – Midlands) for more information. Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi all

    I have emailed the Wales group however it looks to be the same email as the general PAA one and I haven’t had a reply. Is there a Wales group in existance? If there isn’t I would be very interested in organising one.



  2. Hi thanks for getting back to me 🙂 no I haven’t had an email but did get a Facebook message, although I have been told there is and there isn’t a welsh group so wasn’t sure which was the case! I had made a Facebook group for a South Wales branch as there didn’t appear to be any social media representation yet. Would still love to link up with those in Wales! Do you have a contact for the main organiser?

    Thanks again


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