Contribute to the public debate


  • Join us for the launch, and workshop, of our new briefing note: ‘Preaching to the Non-Converted’ (Sign up here.) Here we will be thinking how to best engage the public with abstract issues like ‘inequality’ and ‘austerity’, applying psychological perspectives.

Venue: University Square Stratford.

  • Press: Write a letter into your local paper or national publication. Raise issues specific to your area, if it is a local paper.
  • Social networks: Share links for our campaign, briefing papers, and introductory video via twitter, facebook, instagram or other online tools.
  • Reach out: Try and think of a past or present non-psychological network or group you have contact with, and send them some information on the campaign.

*Please note we are meeting as a group in our personal capacity – UEL are just a venue host.